Multidisciplinary Engineering
& Rapid Prototyping


With 25 years experience in the semiconductor, military/aerospace and metrology industries, AS&C provides sound guidance, efficient design, production quality prototypes and small production runs. 

Areas of focus include electrical & mechanical engineering, embedded software & firmware, system troubleshooting, research & development, reverse engineering, precision test design.


AS&C offers multidisciplinary engineering consultation & prototyping through leveraging a diverse suite of fabrication & test equipment in conjunction with powerful design & analysis software.

Professional Engineering Services

Fast Turnaround & General Services

3D Printing
Laser Cutting (Organics)
3D Printer Diagnosis and Repair
"Maker" Consultation

Transform your ideas from concepts to reality.  Drawing upon multiple disciplines, the design and prototyping processes are interactive and collaborative.

High voltage gas discharge flasks.

AS&C consulting services span electrical, mechanical, software, systems design and reverse engineering.  Results are robustly documented with specificity and clarity.


Presentation, demonstration and training subjects include, and are not limited to, electrical & mechanical engineering, design and design software packages, 3D printing and scanning, troubleshooting techniques and reverse engineering.


Presentations are tailored to the audience without sacrifice to content.  


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Access Systems & Circuits

Access Systems & Circuits, LLC, formed in 2009, offers professional engineering services to a wide range of clients.  ASC builds and maintains partnerships with purpose through collaboration and transparency.

AS&C deliberately leverages multiple technical disciplines, design strategies and resources with dexterity, a streamlined operational philosophy and measurable results; Efficiency without compromising quality.


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