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CNC Laser Cutting

Medium and Small Format CNC Laser Cutting.


100W C02 Laser Tube

Medium to lower power laser cutting machines are valuable in cutting precision two dimensional components from organic materials.  They can engrave photographically and create masks for chemical etching.

AS&C CNC Laser Cutting Machines:


Medium Format Laser Cutting Machine

Home-Built 130W CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

130W, Home-built CO2 laser cutting machine.

  • Cutting Capacity: >24x48" (X, Y) 

  • Vertical feedthrough slot expands Y axis capabilities nearly unlimitedly.

  • 130W, water-cooled CO2 laser kerf measured at 300um.

  • System is agressively filtered and vented.


Laser Cutting Machine

Glowforge 40W Precision CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

The Glowforge Plus is a two axis CNC laser cutting machine with precision focus control and agressive venting.

  • Working Area: 19.5x11.5" (X, Y)

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