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CNC Milling

CNC Mill and Router


Milling is a traditional method for manufacturing parts out of a wide variety of materials. Computer Numeric Control (CNC) facilitates complex and repetitive milling actions while simultaneously reducing part errors and waste.  A CNC router creates parts with more of a "2.5D" geometry such as signs, contour maps, panels and vacuum form molds, etc.  A CNC router is also valuable for modifying laser cut parts.

AS&C Milling Machines:


CNC Mill

Microkinetics CNC Express CNC Mill

The Microkinetics CNC Mill is a 4-Axis mill useful for creating more complex, metal parts. 

  • Working Volume: 28x5x7" (X, Y, Z, plus W (optional rotation axis)

  • Drives: 4, 40V, 12A microstepping drivers

  • Spindle: 2HP, 3000 RPM Spindle.


CNC Router

Probotix GX2525-COMET CNC Router

The GX2525-COMET is a three axis CNC router table with high speed spindle and  upgraded precision collet.

  • Working Volume: 25x25x5" (X, Y, Z)

  • Drives:  3-Axis, 4A bipolar 570 oz-in steppers with micro-stepping.

  • Spindle: 10,000 RPM Bosch (not shown here) and upgraded precision collet.

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