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3D Scanning

Structured Light Scanning


Raw Single Scan with Einscan-SP

Structured light scanning is a method of capturing 3D surface form data from a physical object.  The system consists of a projector, camera and synchronized turntable.  Strategically patterned, modulated light is projected onto the object while an synchronized camera records the return signal.  The turntable facilitates capture of multiple sides of the object.  After a scan, a complex algorithm constructs a digital model of the object through comparison of projected and return light. Multiple raw scans are combined to refine the digital model.  Raw scans often require some repair due to shadows and reflections causing "holes" and errant data.


Einscan SP 3D Scanner

Higher-Accuracy Desktop Structured Light Scanner

The Einscan SP Structured Light Scanner is an enhanced-accuracy, white-light desktop 3D scanner.  It acquires both geometric and color data of the scanned object.  

  • Single Shot Accuracy: ≤0.05 mm

  • Maximum Scan Volume: 1200mm cube

  • Scan Speed: <4 s

  • File Formats: OBJ, STL, ASC, PLY

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