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Electronic Design

Electronic Design Lab Equipment


Array of RGB Illumination PCBs for Periodic Table of the Elements Display

AS&C's electronics lab facilitates custom digital, analog and mixed-signal design.  Below is a partial list of electronic test and prototyping equipment.

AS&C Electrical Test Equipment:


Siglent SDS2104X

100 MHz, 4 Chan. Oscilloscope, Logic Analyser & Signal Decoder

The SDS2104X is a 100 Mhz mixed-signal oscilloscope with 16 channel logic analyser, SPI, I2C, CAN & RS232 decoder and function generator.


Siglent SPD3303X 

Triple Programmable Power Supply

The SPD3303X is a 220 W programmable triple power supply.

  • 3 independently controlled and isolated outputs: Two 32 V/3.2 A, one 2.5 V / 3.3 V / 5 V / 3.2 A.

  • 5 digit Voltage/4 digit Current Display, Minimum Resolution: 1 mV/1 mA.

  • Timing functions / programmed output steps.


Siglent SDG1020

DDS technology, dual-channel output, 20MHz Function Generator.

  • 125MSa/s sample rate, 14-bit vertical resolution.

  • 5 standard output waveforms & 46 built-in arbitrary waveforms.

  • Modulation: AM, FM, PM, FSK, ASK, PWM, linear/logarithmic sweep, burst.

  • I/O: Waveform out, Synchronous-signal out, External modulation in, clock in, external/internal trigger, etc.

  • Built-in frequency counter: 100mHz~200MHz


LG FG-7002G

2 MHz Function Generator

This second function generator provides a time-base for layered timing.


Siglent SDM3045X

4.5 Digit Digital Multimeter

SDM3045X is a high-precision, multifunction & automatic 4½ digit digital (66,000 count) multimeter.

  • True 4½ digit resolution

  • 150 measurements / second

  • True-RMS AC Voltage & Current 

  • Built-in cold terminal compensation for thermocouple


Electronic Support 

Additional electronic equipment

  • FX-951 HAKO 75W, 450ºC Soldering Station, Multiple Tips

  • Desoldering systems

  • 1500W Variac

  • 25kV HV Probes

  • IR Camera, thermal probes

  • Extensive Crimp Tools, M&F terminals and housings 

  • Mechanical interfacing hardware

  • Diverse cabling and adapters

  • ESD Countermeasures

  • etc.

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