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AS&C Projects

Below are links to a variety of AS&C projects. Projects were created for AS&C clients, personal work in industry, and AS&C Internal & Creative projects.

Focus test shots for 130W CO2 laser cutting machine
  • Vision/Robotic System for Identification and Classification of Objects for Automated Physical Sorting.

  • Developed Multiple Semiconductor Illuminator Qualification Test Systems.

  • Created Energy Monitor Test System for Excimer Laser-Based Semiconductor Inspection System.

  • Conducted Extensive DUV Laser Radiometry Research.

  • High Temperature FDM 3D Printer for Utilization of High Performance Engineering-Grade Materials.

  • "Periodic Table of The Elements" Collection and Integrated Interactive Display.

  • Scratch-Built 130W Medium Format Laser Cutting Machine.

  • Music-Synchronized RGB Laser Projection System.

  • Precision Manufacturing Kitting, Packaging and Shipping Systems.

  • Developed Versatile, Scalable, Modular and Programmable RGB LED Lighting System.

  • Modelled and 3d Printed Carbon Allotrope Model Set.

  • 3D Printing and Laser Cutting Services for Commercial, Private and Creative Projects.

  • Developed Enhanced Stabilized Timebase for Precision Surface Scanning Metrology System.

  • Designed Universal Stepper Motor Driver/Jogger.

  • Provided Scanning and Modelling of Vintage Engine Parts for Reverse Engineering and Production.

  • Designed and Created Multiwavelength, Collinear, High-Power Laser Exposure System.

  • Discriminate, Event-Specific Triggered Video Security System.

  • Tutoring for High School and College-Level Math, Science, Engineering & Technology.

  • Latitude/Longitude/ Season/Time-Based Sun Timing Simulator.

  • Developed Xerographic Artifact Quantifying Algorithms.

  • YMCA Makerspace Mentor, Presenter and Volunteer.

  • Created Interferometric Optical Qualification Test Systems.

Projects in Industry

AS&C Commercial Projects

AS&C Internal Projects

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